Apply to take part in FastTrack’s fifth Capacity Building Week and Final Event as a Speedtracker City!

16 March 2023

Apply to take part in FastTrack’s fifth Capacity Building Week and Final Event as a Speedtracker City!

FastTrack Ambassador Budapest (Hungary) will be hosting the project’s final event and 5th Capacity Building Week (CBW) from 16 - 17 May 2023. Through a set of panel debates, co-creation workshops, the FastTrackers and the wider European network of mobility practitioners will have the opportunity to further exchange and learn about the outcomes of the project. FastTrackers will provide concrete lessons learnt and examples on how to accelerate the uptake of mobility innovations. The participants will also have the chance to explore how the City of Budapest is connecting its Public Transport System in a smart way with other (micro) mobility options through a set of site visits organised on 17 May.

During the event, there will be a co-creation workshop where cities outside the project are invited to apply and attend as a Speedtracker City! Cities that are facing a mobility challenge and need help solving it are encouraged to apply. The workshop results in a set of ideas for actionable solutions that the representatives from Speedtracker cities could take back home and consider acting upon. The logic is to collaboratively generate ideas based on field experience and knowledge gained through previous workshops, to provide a fresh perspective, and to help a city that is looking out for innovative ways to tackle a pressing mobility challenge it faces.

If you are selected as a Speedtracker City, you will:

  • Receive advice on how to respond to one of your city’s current mobility challenges from our FastTrack community.
  • Learn and be inspired about the outcomes of the FastTrack project on a variety of topics.
  • Might be selected to receive financial support up to €750 to cover for travel and accommodation for participating in the Capacity Building Week, after providing us with invoices.

More details on how to apply and the selection criteria can be found here. FastTrack is accepting applications until 23 March 2023.

To apply, submit your application to Anne-Charlotte Trapp:

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