Third FastTrack Capacity Building Week

20 - 23 June 2022

Third FastTrack Capacity Building Week

This month, FastTrack Ambassador Cities, Local Affiliates, partners, and external supporters will come together for our third Capacity Building Week. For the first time since the beginning of the project, FastTrack Local Affiliates and partners will meet in-person. The FastTrack Community will come together in Antwerp (Belgium) to initiate local deployment plans, and to explore innovation funding.

By the end of FastTrack, each of the project’s local areas will have ready-to-go innovation deployment plans that map out what mobility innovations they will launch, and a plan for their implementation. After getting inspired during the first Capacity Building Week, and getting informed during the latest event, the local areas are now ready to get initiating. The Community initiate work on deployment plans, including ironing out more details about the various mobility innovations, strategies, and technologies each local area has chosen to focus on.

FastTrack local areas have expressed a need to delve further into financing, funding opportunities and business models for mobility innovations. This third Capacity Building Week will also explore ethical and governance considerations related to various financial schemes, and will support local areas to develop the best scheme for the innovative measures they have chosen to pursue.

Through a set of co-creation workshops, local areas will exchange in their clusters to further explore the technicalities and specificities of the measures to be deployed. Successful innovation roll-out depends on meaningful processes, timelines, and the engagement of a wide breadth of stakeholders. The FastTrackers will thus work collectively and with expert support on these components – all of which are also key components of their deployment plans.

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Image (Image provided by the City of Antwerp) by "Scheldekaaien, © Gianni_Camilleri"

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