Antwerp's OnTrack: 10 years of mobility trends in the city

26 May 2021

Antwerp's OnTrack: 10 years of mobility trends in the city

FastTrack Local Ambassador Antwerp (Belgium) has released a new, interactive, online report that sheds light on the last 10 years of sustainable mobility progress and achievements in the city.

Readers are invited to click through the online report to see images of interventions that have worked, key facts and figures, and how Antwerp will meet its goal of rapidly reaching a "50/50 modal split" – in other words, having 50% of all trips done using sustainable modes.

Check out how the city managed to record 27% more cyclists in 2020 compared to 2015, and how it managed to decrease the amount of time spent in traffic congestion by 53% in just one year!

Click here to explore the report and learn more.

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