Fifth FastTrack Capacity Building Week and Final Event

15 - 17 May 2023

Fifth FastTrack Capacity Building Week and Final Event

FastTrack will come together for its fifth Capacity Building Week (CBW) 15-17 May 2023 in the Ambassador city of Budapest (Hungary). This will be the final time Ambassador Cities, Local Affiliates, and project partners convene to share final insights from the project and meet the wider network of stakeholders that can influence the successful implementation of mobility innovations.

At this point in the project, Ambassador Cities as well as Local Affiliate Cities have submitted Deployment Plans for their mobility innovation of choice, and thus the first day of the CBW will be a space to confer on factors that influence accelerated uptake of mobility innovations as well as final recommendations from the project in order to bring this knowledge to the wider network.

On 16 May, the Capacity Building Week will be open to this wider network. Representatives from Horizon Europe projects related to mobility and transport are invited alongside Speedtracker cities. These cities have been invited to address a mobility challenge in their own community and FastTrack cities will have the opportunity to apply learnings made over the course of the project to critically discuss innovative solutions that Speedtrack cities can take with them.

Site visits will take place on 17 May and will span the four thematic clusters explored within the project. Participants will have the chance to explore Budapest’s latest mobility innovations and see how the City of Budapest is connecting its Public Transport System in smart ways with other (micro) mobility options.

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